• We understand metal. Because we create fine pieces every day. But we are the most valuable. Become one too

    A fine
    piece Lubig.

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  • A fine
    Piece Lubig.

    At Lubig, fine pieces of metal are standard, especially in the areas of safety and security technology.

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    Magnesium processing – as here for the optical industry – is only one of our specialties from a wide range of products.

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For more than 70 years, Lubig’s specialty has been the production of CNC turned parts. We develop custom, precision turned parts and machining solutions – from technical consultation up to assembly.

Services that put the icing on the cake.

We think turned parts through to the very end, so no workpiece leaves our premises unless it’s immaculately clean.
Our environmentally friendly cleaning process is just one example of what’s all-inclusive at Lubig.

A fine piece of

We’re good with metal, in series. When it comes to precision turned parts in the field of safety technology especially, there’s no fooling us. Other specialty areas include optics, drive technology, and hydraulics.